Jun 17, 2008

yet another unsolicited movie review

When left to my own devices...and boredom sets in, it's not pretty. To wit, this afternoon, I took myself to see "What Happens in Vegas" (when movies take their titles and premises from commercials, it's a sad day indeed. I mean when is "Got Milk?" coming out? Aren't we overdue yet? The title practically writes its own script.)

Anyway, two thoughts:

1. Cameron Diaz is looking really old and tired lately. I mean granted she's nearly as old as I am, but still...

2. Ashton Kutcher (I hate that name by the way, everything about both of them irks me for some reason) is truly pretty. I mean girl pretty, with a body fat percentage to kill for.
I'd never really noticed it before. He's certainly prettier than Cameron, which is maybe not a good thing when pairing up for a "rom com."

That said, he exudes zero sex appeal, at least for me.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

They always try to make Cameron hot. This is the first mistake. Maybe why I like her in Being John Malkovich.

I used to have no hopes for Ashton Kutcher. But now that Rumer Willis is an "actress" (or "is" an actress), I want them to be cast romantically in a movie together.

jason said...


(but they could be the leads of "Got Milk?")

sam said...

i don't like bonehead appeal and after you get over his prettiness, that's all he has.

Michael said...

Ha! That was fun. The witty exchange, I mean, not the movie (or so I'd imagine).