Jun 25, 2008

Now appearing at Sam's Club

Let's imagine you're wandering the canyons of industrial sized containers of tomato sauce and great mountains of toilet paper at Sam's Club, when you spot this walking towards you:

She's wheeling a buggy filled with paper products and hair spray.

At her side is her mate, a 60 something Chippendale-ish dancer, with frosted mullet and a denim shirt, the sleeves cut off (but you knew that already, right?)

Do you ask for autographs?

Cower in terror?

A little of both?

Of course, any native New Orleanian would be star struck. I was too star struck to do anything but gawk. I mean this is none other than the most famous 73 year old "burlesque performer" on Bourbon St., the legendary Chris Owens herself!

Of course, this is nothing compared to Dave's "throw down" with her a while back, but I'll take what I can get.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Needless to say, I've been reading all about Ms. Owens since discovering her here earlier.

Perhaps the most famous person ever to be born in Harrisburg, PA.

Miss Janey said...

The proper response would be the "We're not worthy" shimmy. MIs J can't beleive she's 73... still workin' it like a teen.

mrpeenee said...

The Maraca Girl herself! Dear god, she is scary looking. And where is that statue?

jason said...

I do believe a few months ago, someone committed suicide at the club, during one of her cha cha numbers.
Or maybe it was the bunny hop. I'm sure the bunny hopping went on.

jason said...

On Bourbon, Mr P., exactly where one is most vulnerable to being scared.

mrpeenee said...

OK, that's all there is to it, I have to come back for a visit. I can ignore all my old friends and miss out on the food for years, but a STATUE, a bronze homage to Miss Chris Owens is simply more than I can deprived of.

Dave said...

Jealous much?

govtdrone said...

A long time ago, at a Jazz Fest far away, my soon to be ex-sister-in-law was pulled onto the stage to dance with Chris. When the dance was finally over we had to get my sister-in-law a stiff drink because she was so scarred from her close encounter. Ann just kept repeating "The horror, the horror."

NatureJockk said...

73? are you sure about that?
Maybe 83. This old girl is old. No more skin to tuck kind of old. Pulled and stretched more than a small condom on a giant cock kind of tight.

NatureJockk said...

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Thombeau said...