Jun 9, 2008

"They only want you when you're seventeen..."

I just got back from seeing Ladytron. It was a good enough concert, but so loud that you couldn't hear the lyrics.
I know, I sound like an old coot, but it's nearly 4 hours later and I still can't quite hear fully yet.

The light show was impressive, though it distracted me from seeing properly what the band was wearing. It was very chic, however. That much I could tell. Michael and I did some internet sleuthing in his hotel after the concert to find out more about the clothes, but with no luck.

It's always most interesting to me to see the crowd at such venues and how the kids dress. There was a strong showing of fashionable young women...surprisingly few gays...and a good size leftover emo types.

Oh, and three old people (me, Michael and his friend Kirk)
It's always awkward to be the oldest person there, but apparently, according to the guy in line before Michael, you can be 26 and still feel like the oldest person at a concert. Waiting to go in, he mentioned something about being annoyed by all the high schoolers at concerts he'd gone to.

Anyway, here's the first Ladytron song I ever heard, the"hit," "Playgirl":

The opening band I'd never heard of, Datarock from Norway, I believe. They seemed to be having a lot of fun up there, and that was nice.


Silly Monkey said...

Wait...you go to concerts to look at what people are wearing?

jason said...

I go everywhere to see what people are wearing.

Michael said...

How is it that I don't know Ladytron, but I have all the Datarock in my iTunes? Huh.

Sending you "Nightflight to Uranus." It seems like the thing to do.

Michael said...

Or not. Could have sworn we'd swapped electronic mail.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I know Ladytron well, and they've come up a lot on various blogs. I'd heard of but never heard Datarock before. Their Norwegian almost sounds like English. And I had no idea Oslo had so many palm trees.