Oct 28, 2007


Tonight, I can hear the music drifting into my bedroom on a cool autumn wind.



mrpeenee said...

I thought you lived in Bywater. You can hear music from City Park? Are you sure you're not hearing things? Maybe it's the Renuzit neighbor lady howling.

jason said...

Bywater? Gosh, I can't afford it down there.
I live up on Bayou St. John.

And you could be right, but Renuzit lady doesn't howl in rhythm....yet.

Breezy said...

I have to say that I could hear the beat of the bass drum and the bass all the way to Jefferson near MSH's house. Really.

I think it had to do something with the wind carrying the sound that night.

Silly Monkey said...

LOL! Carlos, you were hearing the music at the fair near Rummel.

T$ said...

is hearing the music a good thing or a bad thing?

jason said...

good (ish)