Oct 27, 2007

just in time for halloween

"According to Australia's The Age, the above-pictured skirt looks like a pretty red dress under normal circumstances, but when flipped inside out over the wearer's head turns into a pretty dead-on soda machine disguise -- the perfect foil for some mugger or more violent criminal (at least in Japan, where street crime is rare).

Other fashion-forward, crime-prevention accessories the article cites are wraparound sunglasses so dark you can't make eye contact with perverts on the subway, and a "manhole skirt" that folds up all your valuables into something that looks an awful lot like a manhole cover, which you then place on the street should a criminal step into view"

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Silly Monkey said...

". . .looks like a pretty red dress . . ."

In whose book? That thing is hideous!

mrpeenee said...

I agree with silly monkey. I would just wear it like a Coke machine all the time.

And are all Japanese muggers polite and patient and stupid? Why would they allow you time to pull your skirt over your head and then not notice you had turned into a coke machine?

The Other Andrew said...

I'd just stand there and let people put coins in my slot, but maybe that's just me.

Michael Guy said...

That's so odd. I was just wearing my 'manhole skirt' the other night. It's a fashion classic.

Particularly at this age.