Oct 28, 2006

A Voodoo Awakening

The weather being cool, I went to bed without the roar of both 1970's vintage window units...just one. I awakened this morning to a dull rumbling sound over the ac. Half asleep still, I couldn't quite figure it out.
Now I'm fully awake and fully aware. The roar of music is the Voodoo Fest. I'm sitting here in my living room typing away, but I'd might as well be right there.
No need for a ticket, I can hear everything. Even the announcers.

Although the music is pretty good... I think it's time to see if I can get my car out of here somehow... and perhaps head off to the peace and quiet of Target.


Silly Monkey said...

Oh, so that's what Julie was talking about. She mentioned something about going to VooDoo tomorrow, and I wasn't sure what she meant.

Target will cure ANYTHING! Go check out the new Thomas O'Brien sheets. And he's got some new fifties-style blond (or blonde if you prefer female furnishings) furniture, but it looks rather cheap.

Breezy said...

Off to the peace of Target and the flickering of unrated porn at Canal Place. Oh what a day!

jason said...

What's wrong with me that Thomas O'Brien @ Target is more exciting to me than
"unrated porn"?

Silly Monkey said...

Thomas O'Brien IS unrated porn, silly. ;)