Oct 8, 2007

Yoko in the morning

I'm driving around in my new Mazda Miata rental...missing my battleship of a car, but enjoying the cd player.

I drove to work with Yoko Ono this morning. I found two clips of "Walking on Thin Ice," which is a great song.
I don't know which one I like better...the remix or the original, but I'm leaning towards the original at the moment.


Dave said...

Definitely the original. I will never understand the school of thought that any old song can be improved by adding a throbbing, bass-heavy, generic electronic beat to it. Bleh.

The remix does have a cool video, though.

Miss Janey said...

Agree with Dave. Good choice for today, Jason.

Silly Monkey said...

You're driving a MIATA? They rent those? How cool are YOU? :D

I wanted one of those back when I got my CRX, but they were more than I could afford.

So when do you get Bertha back?

thombeau said...

LOVE this song, used to play it a lot when DJing. There's a great Pet Shop Boys remix.