Oct 24, 2007

"bitter old queens"

Just read this at Band of Thebes.
It's too early for April Fools, so I'm supposing it's on the up and up. Hmmm....
I'm not sure how I feel about this:

New TV Series: Bitter Old QueensRussell T. Davies who created Queer as Folk in Britain and is enjoying vast success with his revamped Doctor Who series told the Guardian that he is planning a new gay series for the BBC.

"It's going to be about forty-something gay men and how jealous they are of gay teenagers," Davies said in an interview. "I've been longing to write something for adults."

In the interview, Davies said that the inspiration for the new drama is a friend, a former Mr Gay UK, who split up from his boyfriend.

"He asked me: 'Why are so many gay men so glad we split up?' That remark's stayed with me for six years. I think there's a self-punishing streak in that gladness and I want to explore it."

The series, still untitled, will air in 2010.

I mean, there are many many things I'm jealous of, but gay teenagers are definitely not one of them. I remember all too well being gay teenager, and there wasn't much to envy there. And besides, being around teenagers every day, one quickly learns (or relearns) that it's not all it's cracked up to be.


Miss Janey said...

LAME! What awful, negative stereo-typing.

Miss J has a MUCH better idea:

The Gay Valet

Oh, it's stereo-typing, but at least its fun & positive.

Silly Monkey said...

Yeah, I like Miss Janey's idea much better.

I would NEVER want to go back and be a teenager again. Sure, I wouldn't mind having teenage skin and hair. But to actually BE one again? No way!

JOE * to * HELL said...

todays gay teens are NOT what we were. they grew up with a wayyy better society (not syaing muchm but still). the closet is way narrower

the brits make better tv - i woudl watch it. they always have nudity anyway

ATwistedThought said...

I loved my teenage years and am having the best time of my life so nothing to be jealous about but I do on the other hand know a few bitter queens.