Oct 25, 2007

"ain't nothing goin on but the rent"

Just because it's what almost always automatically comes to my mind when someone asks me "What's going on?"

Sometimes, like today in class, I slip up and say it aloud.
Thank god I have students who understand.

Here's the wonderful Gwen Guthrie:


mrpeenee said...

Your students catch this reference? What is this, a disco history class?

you know I do love it. No romance without Finance. and that great deep funk bass line

Angel with a crooked halo said...

A fly girl like me needs security...

Couldn't have put it better Gwen-

Little trivia about her- she sang backup on Madonna's "Madonna" album- adding her voice to Lucky Star, Burning Up, and Everybody!!

jason said...

God, Peenee, I wish it were.

But yes, at least some of them do.
That's the beauty.

And I didn't know that, Angel!
She (gwen) deserves a renaissance I think.