May 10, 2010

"what Lady Gaga wishes was her future"

Oh, what a proud day for my home town...Michael K at D-listed has chosen
New Orleans' greatest gift to the world, Miss Chris Owens herself, as his "Hot Slut of the Day"!
There will be a parade.

The poet of our age writes:

"Dita Von Teese can stay sitting in her giant champagne glass, because this is the real queen of burlesque right here. If the glamorous vampire from Peru La Tigresa del Oriente bit into the precious neck of Cher impersonator Chad Michaels, the end result would look just like Chris Owens!

According to Wikipedia, Chris Owens has been dazzling audiences in New Orleans since the 1960s, but I think they are totally off with their dates. This is obviously a ravishing creature that seduced the troops when New Orleans was captured during the civil war. Those legs kicked up and down the bayou as the city burned!"

You can read about one of my close encounters of the fabulous kind here


Who you callin' housewife? said...

I wonder if her original eyebrows are tucked up under that fluffy hat.

Ms. Owens, along with her hat, hair and outfit are looking just a bit on the fuzzy side. But, on the whole, I bet she can move a lot better than I can.

hayward said...

I've seen snippets of her performances but never the full treatment. I will have to do that next time I come home for a visit.

You think she restyles that hair everyday?

jason said...

Not sure, but I think she takes that face off every night and brushes it out.

MJ said...

Is there a campaign to get her to host SNL?

madtexter ☺☺☺☺☺☺ (corey james) said...

Woo-hoo! She likes to kick, Kick, KICK! I bet she has a fierce butter knife collection - you know, to apply/remove the layers of facial senditment.

And yes, there WILL be a parade!

Michael Guy said...

Sorta reminds me of Wayland Flower's "madame"

Fabulastic said...

I am completely lost here...