May 31, 2010

unused shoes

I have an addiction to buying shoes on I end up not wearing.

As you can see, I have at least 4 versions of the same shoe, sort of a driving shoe. It's always hot here, so in the summer (and much of the rest of the year) one must wear shorts. It's a dilemma. I usually wear some horrible slip on sandals which are truly heinous...ok, maybe just heinously boring.

I've bought others, nice ones, but they end up chafing (because I walk a lot), and the leather soles get smelly. The ones I wear now have a rubber sole, and don't get so smelly.

All of these shoes have been bought with the idea of replacing the wearing of my tacky sandals. None have worked.

I've tried wearing the Sperrys (right bottom) a few times, but it felt as though my feet would suffocate. The green suede Converses I've only recently started that they are vintage (ok, 5 years old).

The others, I don't wear.

None of these driving shoes really fit well, though I like the idea.
The Rockports (upper left) once gave me blisters after walking 100 feet from my car to my door. No lie. They've never been worn since (though they are waterproof and washable, so they say).
I bought those white ones because I hate white sneakers. They're acutally very comfortable, and I've worn them a few times, but I always feel like a hypocrite wearing them.

It's one of my fashion pet peeves....big white sneakers.
So of course I bought some, in the theory that anything I loathe that much needed to be tried at least once, right?


David Toms said...

Um what size are you?? i can do with some new shoes.

Anonymous said...

I have several pairs of upscale driving shoes. A wise investment. They're great with jeans and dress up the outfit more. I NEVER wear sandals or flip-flops in public now. Getting too old for that. Besides, I never did understand the obsession for wearing flip-flops when you weren't at the beach. They just look nasty on men about town. It's almost like they didn't even try.

Michael said...

Just this morning I was thinking about all the unworn or rarely worn shoes in my closet. I even did some mental math as to what I've spent on shoes, only to see them languish until I finally donate them, either to charity or my dad. (Same thing?) Most of my cast offs are athletic shoes, though. Tennis shoes or running shoes that don't FEEL right. Apparently I can't participate in these athletic endeavors unless my shoes are JUST SO.

Maybe we should start a RECYCLE/REUSE program! I'm size 11.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I wear 10.5 mens or 11's. Send your shoes to me!

ricola said...

you have to work through the blister phase. Eventually it gets better. I pretty much live in leather bottomed loafers now, but it took alot effort and some emergency sock buying.

I also envy your prodigious posting skills.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I like the Converses. I used to live in my Vans (similar to your Sperrys) and was recently wondering if I need to get another pair. Alas, I too need fewer shoes, not more.

Speaking of, my word verification is ressessh, which I assume is the hip new way to refer to the recession.

Anonymous said...

As the great Patsy Stone once said: « You can not have enough gloves, hats and shoes»!

MJ said...

As long as you're not wearing Crocs, I'm happy.

Jill said...

I should have tagged you with that shoe award I got recently. Driving shoes will never go out of style.