May 4, 2010

backlot backyard

So yesterday, I'm driving down Tulane Ave, just past the crack motels, near the Burger King, on my way to buy some Draino, when I see something that almost surprises me.
But not quite.

I realize, "oh hey...isn't that that guy...that guy who's always showing off his penis?"
And indeed it was.

It was the guy who's always showing off his penis in bromantic comedies. He was earnestly emoting in front of a camera, his torso sticking out of the sunroof of an expensive silver sports car (For once, I couldn't see his penis, alas).

The car was stationary on a slowly rolling flatbed trailer. A small police escort was in front of them. The camera crew was filming him, his arm outstretched, his hair waving in the wind.

His name (Jason Segel) didn't dawn on me until I got home, and then I learned that they're filming yet another such slacker bromance(?).


hayward said...

Oh, Susan Sarandon is listed. I wouldn't mind running into Janet Weiss!

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

I have a little crush on him....he must be dysfunctional.

Marshall said...

And I found out yesterday that Ryan Reynolds is in town, works out with my across the street neighbor, and that I missed seeing him by 5 minutes.

I love that we're Hollywood South!

Michael Guy said...

I love 'bromance' movies. And chick flicks. And romantic comedies.

I'm simple-minded like that.

FelixInHollywood said...

You guys should be getting a Brown Derby in the Quarter anyday now!