May 7, 2010


"As the ideal male figure slims down to a wriggling indie nothing, so too must boy fashion mannequins. It's a new trend! A 27-inch-waist mannequin will soon hit our shores, sending all but the twinkiest into a shame spiral. Payback?"

Richard Lawson
at gawker

Ain't ever happening here...but maybe I have a chance for the hair:


normadesmond said...

nice, 27 inches.

when i was 23 and anorexic, my waist was 29 inches. now you can double all the numbers. wait a minute, triple.

Margaret said...

You're right! It's 'Mini Mo' and 'Nouveau Kid', standing!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Isn't that the size of my niece?!
And she is only 6 years!!!