Nov 22, 2009


Today Marshall, Carlos, Julie, Brandon, Dennis and I (plus Debbie and Bart) all met up at the annual PoBoy festival. They've finally finished re doing Oak St., and it looks great.

It's always nice to see huge vats of boiling grease for frying shrimp on the sidewalks.
There were lots of people. Among others, I ran into my former landlord with his much much younger, very handsome bought-and-paid-for boyfriend, whose nipples were leading the way.
It was a bit chilly out. I was too dazzled by those nipples to get a picture. Sorry.

Oak is rapidly gentrifying, but it's still pretty old school, thankfully.

Ubiquitous Saints paraphernalia. The worst crowds were gathered around the big screen tvs on the corners showing the game.

House on the way to the car

Crowds of people. Doesn't it look like a small country town?

Another house.

Garçon avec des canapés a la poboy? Or something like that.

Even the sushi place had a special Japanese style poboy menu. They looked good actually.

Bananas in November
Carlos's finger pointing out the cute boy(s) he wanted me to photograph.

Chargrilled oysters, behind a police barricade...for the oysters' own safety I'm sure.

Popcorn carriage
Carlos's big sausage.

The photo I'd taken of my own meal, a delicous poboy from Emerils, of fried green tomatoes, shrimp remoulade and bacon, unfortunately disappeared. I don't know what happened. I dropped the camera somewhere in the art market and, poof, there it went.

Even sadder is when I went to get a fried bread pudding poboy which Dennis said was great, they had run out. Bummer.

I had to settle for gelato.

A front lawn/art installation on the way back to the car.


Anonymous said...
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mrpeenee said...

Words that bring tears to my eyes: "Shrimp remoulade" "poboy."

Words that make me have to take your word for it: "fried bread pudding poboy."

Dean Grey said...


This looks like a delicious and fun time!

Thanks for sharing!


MJ said...

Nipples and Po' Boys!

ayem8y said...

“Doesn’t it look like a small country town.”

I was thinking the very same thing, that it looked like the main street somewhere in forgotten turn of the century towns in Louisiana or Miss’ippi.

Mmm Popcorn Carriage! Just what I need to ride stylishly around my small country town, eating popcorn and feeding the horses popcorn, whipping the horses, feeding boys popcorn, whipping the boys...

Kim Hambric said...

Yum Yum. Wish I had been there. Oak Street is such a cool place. For me, it was just another chilly gray day in Pennsylvania. My hubby made me smoked meatloaf with bacon on top. Kind of makes up for not having one of those big old sausages down south.

Miss Janey said...

OH! How Miss J wishes she were there to eat poboys and let her nipples lead the way.