Nov 5, 2009

more stuff I kind of need right now

A Matisse:
any one will do.

a Citroën Karin, 1980
Why wasn't 1980 really like this?

A Robsjohn Gibbings Klismos:

I've wanted one since I was a (very strange furniture- book-reading) little boy

China plates, with their chips and cracks gold plated:
There seems to be a metaphor there somehow, which I find kind of beautiful.

Better hair.
(I'm thinking "The Duke")


MJ said...

With Dolly Parton wigs, you can be all the women you want to be!

Jill said...

I'm not sure you can pull off the 'fro...but all of the other choices are spot on.

Nick said...

My God, that car. John Delorean eat your coke-addled heart out.

"Tommy" said...

maybe.... !!!!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

That car is amazing. And one of my few claims to "fame" is that my college roommate drove a Delorean.

And where can I get those plates (cheap)?

larry said...

i've never seen that car before. i want one too!!!

Elizabeth said...

You want one of my extra Matisses? What color is your sofa? I'll send one to match.

Dean Grey said...



I never heard about china plates with their cracks gold-plated!

How unique and lovely!


Mean Dirty Pirate said...

Why not combine said wish list?

A gold filled crack Citroën Karin with klismos seating, panoramic Matisse upholstery with Nipsy Russell afro headrests.