Nov 28, 2009

twilight is it

I'm tired of hearing about both.


larry said...

me too jason!! lets go to big lots!!! this pic is so funny;-))

ayem8y said...

Me too. Sick of vampires, sick of Michael. I suppose they will make a new horror creature based on Michael soon. Sort of like the children catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but undead.

thombeau said...


TtodaA said...

Me too! My sister texted me the other day and said " haven't made fun of me yet..." meaning, I hadn't ribbed her about going to the midnight showing.
My response to her..."Yes I have..."
Today she tells me she has an idea for a shirt for her cafe press store. She wants to put "Edward's Baby" on the front of maternity shirts. Someone beat her to it. Seriously.

We have a Michael Jackson face on a stick that we hold up to the security cameras outside the nursery @ work. Then we pick up the phone and ask to speak to baby Jackson's nurse.

Glad to know I am not the only one who is O V E R IT!

Dean Grey said...

Lol at this picture, Jason!