Nov 24, 2009

(in need of) an education

I just returned from taking myself to see "An Education". I was the sole person in the theater.
Kind of sad actually, since it really is a lovely movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
See it if you can.

I do intend to use the line:
"You want them to think you're un jeune homme sérieux, not a Teddy Boy, do you?" somehow in daily conversation.
I just have to think of an occasion. Maybe I'll tell it to my mother.

Oh, and go to the dog races.

Anyway, why couldn't Peter Sarsgaard (sporting a British accent no less) rescue me from the drudgery of conjugating Latin verbs when I was 16 and whisk me off to 1961 Paris?

That's what I want to know.

Or even now? I'm mean, I'm still here...and so is Paris, right?

Hell, I'll even drive.


MJ said...

And I intend to use the line...

"Ha! YOU'RE not a woman!"

jason said...

oh mistress, you are in top form tonight!

Elizabeth said...

How have I completely missed this? It looks wonderful!

ayem8y said...

So you take a holiday break from educating to get educated?

Breezy said...

I REALLY wanted to see that movie. Vous ne le mentionne pas

larry said...

oh i do want to see this. the leading man is cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I should notify my friend about this.