Apr 9, 2008

the model, the waitress and the middle aged man

As you can see, I'm playing hookie today. I really have been feeling kind of off lately, probably depressed, but for some intangible reason. It being a short day anyway, I felt justified in taking a personal day, especially since my entire vacation was sucked up by jury duty.

Anyway, I took myself to lunch. My waitress wasn't very good, but as adorable as could be. She's Russian. Every waitress there seems to be a pretty young Russian girl, which is odd, because it's a Lebanese restaurant.

Next to me, two middle aged (well, more middle aged even than me) were obnoxiously irritating another of the Russian girls.
"I've just gotten back from Russia," Mr. Tie and Pleated Pants tells her.
"Oh," she replies.
"Yes...." and then he launches into a longwinded description of his trip to her, interspersed with questions about her "village."
She clearly just wants him to order and shut up, but he doesn't.
He wraps up the story with, "There's a woman at the university from your province. Would you like to talk to her?"
He pulls out his flashy cell phone.
"Not now." she smiles awkwardly, and goes to another table.
"She didn't seem to want to talk about her village," Mr. Tie with Pleated Pants tells his companion.
No kidding. Amazing how rude people can be.

On the way back, I put in a cd. How amazing it is to have a cd player in a car for the first time in my life! I blindly pulled one out (they're all old, since I haven't bought a cd in 4 years it seems) and it turned out to be, Kraftwerk's "The Model"

I wish I could just live in this song.


thombeau said...

Kraftwerk are most excellent. Enjoy your day off!!

Christopher said...

Mr Pleated Pants sounds like an ignorant fool...I Love Kraftwerk!!

Dave said...

You do know that song is more than four years old, right? :-) Love it, though. But damn, Kraftwerk looks like one boring live act. If you lived in that song, I'm not sure I'd visit often.

Poor Mister Tie. If he wants to brag about how well-traveled he is, he should just start a blog like the rest of us and leave innocent waitstaff alone.

Silly Monkey said...

Wow, I haven't thought of Kraftwerk in YEARS. I used to love them.

Michael said...

Live in a song. Yes! I want to live in Goldfrapp's latest CD. I'd always feel like I've had just enough wine.

Scooter said...

I used to love this song but had never seen the video. Thanks for posting!!