Apr 18, 2008

bitching and dropping names

Today, again, I was kept in traffic both going to work and coming from by what seems to be (another) film crew. I looked down the street and saw the ubiquitous film crews. I see them every week somewhere it seems. I did a bit of research and found out that it's a film about the founder of The Chess music label in the 50's and 60's. That would explain the vintage cars.

It's called "Chess" (Like about eight other films in the past it turns out).

I've never even heard of the actors in it, except maybe Alessandro Nivola.

Of course, a few years ago Brad Pitt was in the neighborhood and earlier still Jude Law and Sean Penn were camped out in my (pre-K) neighborhood for a week or so. That movie was a complete dog. I didn't even see it. I think the Brad Pitt one ("Benjamin Buttons") is still unreleased, but that doesn't seem like a good omen for a good movie. Let's hope this "Chess" has better luck, but it sounds unlikely.
It doesn't say on imdb, but it sounds like a Showtime or HBO production to me, not even a "real" movie, but who knows.

All in all, it's getting to be more of a hassle than a novelty.


Dave said...

Yeah, I got held up by that thing a couple of days ago. they were filming a bunch of people dancing in front of an old gas station on Claiborne.

Rachel said...

A few months ago, I got out of the subway in midtown east new york, and some woman violently grabbed my arm and forced me to walk alongside her while she was on a cell phone. She said out of the corner of her mouth, "this is a film set, keep walking, cameras are rolling". Sure enough-- along strolls Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte! If you see the movie, look for an outdoor scene where someone's face in the background transitions between confused- frightened - and psyched. It's me!

Silly Monkey said...

LOL! I need to see the Sex movie just to see Rachel's face.

No Milk said...

the only time i was this close to an actor was when sandra bullock was filming 'while you were sleeping' right by my old neighborhood. i was stopped at a stop sign and she walked in front of me. i could've run her over but i held myself back.

mrpeenee said...

When I lived on Barracks Street, they were filming some trashy soft core thing and came along asking everyone to STAY IN THEIR HOUSE for the next couple of hours. There must have been twenty people in my block alone who immediatley marched out onto their stoops and stayed there. Somewhere there is some "Emmanuelle" type straight to video thing with me sitting on my front steps looking pissed off.