Apr 9, 2008

coffee date

The other night, I had a first date with a guy who'd answered an ad of mine.

I sat there for a few hours, thinking to myself as he went on and on and on about his ex, "God, how am I going to get out of this?"

Actually, it wasn't quite as bad as all that, but sometimes I feel like these "dates" should be earning me some social work credit hours.

Anyway, the next day, I got a email that was as friendly as could be, but clearly saying "let's just be friends."

This is exactly the best outcome of this situation possible, exactly the best thing I could wish for. Seriously.

So why did it sort of hurt my feelings? I don't know why, but it kind of stung.

I swear I'm crazy sometimes.

Anyway, in happier news, I did finally did get to go to (the seemingly always closed) coffeehouse down in Bywater, Coffea.

It's really quite nice there. I wish I could have found a photo of the inside.
In the bathroom there's a baby's crib, complete with mobile...and lots of Victorian bird paraphernalia on the two Eastlake style mantels...in the bathroom.
Most odd. Most cool.


joe*to*hell said...

i can relate. the one and only time iw as ever dumped was when i was CLEARLY dating beneath me....it made no sense.

you didnt want him, vbut you want to be wanted. and how dare loser not want you, when he is the loser?

now - where exactly did you place this ad?

mrpeenee said...

The Coffea place looks charming.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

This is like the lunch clique where I work. Obviously I don't want to eat with them, but I can't believe I haven't been invited.

Michael Guy said...

I would have replied: "Oh, thank you for the kind thoughts. I'll remove you from my mercy-fuck list then..."

Well. No. I wouldn't have said that but it was fun typing it.

Chin up, kiddo. YOU'LL BE GREAT ...YOU'LL BE SWELL...channeling my inner MERMAN for you!

Silly Monkey said...

When I started reading this post, I thought it was a repeat. Do ALL dates ramble on and on about their exes? It seems that way from your and my experiences.

Here's a photo of the inside of Coffea. It looks really cute.


Miss Janey said...

WHY why WHY do people use first dates to discuss exes? It's a sure sign they're not ready to be out there yet. Consider yourself lucky, Jason. And yet, Miss J SO gets how it would sting. She has been there! It's cuz we's all a little crazeh!

Cute looking coffe place.

jason said...

joe: match.com
Jason: No, some of them talk endlessly about themselves. And you're right, it might as well be a repeat...thanks for the pic!
Peenee: it is. I just need a picture of the bathroom.
FP: *exactly*
Michael, if your inner merman is swelling, then you might ought to get that looked at. (but thanks)
Miss J: because they can, because they can. (thanks)