Apr 23, 2008

"They can get you in East Hampton for wearing red shoes on a Thursday"

Thom of Fabulon graciously pointed me to (yet another) Grey Gardens fashion spread, this one from Harper's Bazaar.
(Thanks again!)

I've seen a number over the years. In fact, on the dvd, there are interviews, I believe, with both John Bartlett and (the ever lovable) Todd Oldham about its influence on their work.

The photos are by Terry Richardson, it seems, and are pretty good.
(I have to wonder however, if the Edies would have ever had such a plaid herculon couch. Somehow I doubt it.)

I like this one below. Aside from the nice replication of Little Edie's VMI dance, you can actually see the clothes. This is one of my pet peeves with fashion photography nowadays: I hate when you can't see the clothes clearly for all the tricky posing).


Elizabeth said...

I think the Edies would never in a million years have had such a couch. A threadbare brocade settee with the stuffing coming out the sides because the cats clawed it, sure! But not that tacky, cheap plaid.

Elizabeth said...

PS - Thanks for all the kind messages during my recent troubles. Things are getting better slowly, but steadily.

thombeau said...

In a crazy world like this one, the Edies are actually starting to make a lot of sense!

JB said...

They are my heroes.

Michael said...

1. Thank you for using "herculon."

2. What about dimly lit, black and white fashion photography? Blerg!

3. Sometimes I daydream they'll discover some vast never seen trove of Edie(s) footage.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to watch Grey Gardens again.

"Horrors! Somebody's removing the books from my room!"

Miss Janey said...

THAT is fantastic.