Aug 29, 2010

"Pick up for Barack"

So the Obamas are in my hood today, at Parkway, just up the street, getting his poboy on.

I wondered what all that commotion was. I can't get behind that whole cutting in line, however.

"(CNN) – Here's a line that would certainly grab your attention if it were
called out on the intercom as you're enjoying a lovely Gulf shrimp sandwich for
lunch: "Barack, pickup!"

President Obama was already mingling with the
patrons of the legendary Parkway Bakery and Tavern in New Orleans when his lunch
order was called. Some locals received a hug from the president–even though he
cut to the front of line.

"We're just glad to see you," one woman told
him, "Thanks for coming down."

Obama ran into trouble, though, when he
attempted to pay for the first family's lunch. Failing to produce enough money
for the food, he called over a White House staffer who produced a $20 bill for
the cash-strapped commander-in-chief."

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BrooksNYC said...


The CNN article has some sweet pictures of the preznit mingling with the fans.

You're within walking distance of the park and/or Fairgrounds, huh? What street you on?

Marshall said...

That's cool. My old boss (and current friend) Dale's brother owns the restaurant.

Margaret said...

Jason, you so should have gone and snagged a photo of you eating Po'boys with the President! Hot A/C guy would be so impressed, ya' know...

Anonymous said...

When Reagan used a Prince Albert plaid suit in the '80s, all the media said it was not very «presidential».

This is simply not presidential at all...

Elizabeth said...

See? The recession isn't over. Even the president is strapped for cash!

ayeM8y said...

He was in a hotel not long ago three blocks away from my hood.

And I thought


hayward said...

I would have had the staffer wait in line for me. None of this cutting to the front business.

Oh, and dressed no pickle with plenty of hot sauce.

Jill said...

He's coming here too. To Fort Bliss