Aug 31, 2010

You just never know.

I'm either the unluckiest person on the earth or the luckiest.
I'm not sure which.

This morning, nearly to work, I was sitting at a red light, listening to NPR.

The next thing I knew it was like a bomb had detonated. There was
glass and plastic everywhere and the acrid smell of smoke.

I was rear ended by a presumably drunk driver. He hit my car full force, ramming my little two year old car (which I had had to get because another driver had run a stop sign and totalled my former car, nearly killing me and my friend) violently into the car in front of me. The car in front rammed into the car before her
and the culprit went barrelling away still speeding, until he hit a light pole, which stopped him.

Thank god for the airbag and seat belt or I would surely be dead now. I have a few minor cuts and my neck is beginning to hurt (the all too cliche whiplash?) But I'm all right.

Of course my car is destroyed. So was the drunk or drugged driver's and the woman in front of mine too. Mine is the worst, however. The back seats are bowed inward, the trunk was pushed all the way into the back seat. None of the doors opened, so I managed to squeeze out of a narrow gap, dazed and without my shoes...but still alive.

Somehow the force of the impact knocked my shoes off my feet.

My poor little cellphone, however, which I had stupidly put in my book bag in the trunk was crushed. Thankfully the police were on the scene almost immediately, not like the 5 hour wait at midnight in the hood two years ago, you know the one where we were witness to a gang gun fight about to begin.

I couldn't even get my keys out. I went to try, only to have the policewoman get bitchy with me. My car was smoking and likely to explode she said.

Anyway, I've spent the rest of the day dealing with insurance, getting a rental and trying to get a new phone.

The police report will take 14 days it seems, so I have to foot the bill for the rental until then. The drunken (or drugged?) driver was taken off in an ambulance, because he couldn't walk, wouldn't talk and was bleeding from the mouth.

Anyway, I'm just very thankful to be alive.


ayeM8y said...

OH MY GOD! Say this didn’t happen again? All day long you have been on my mind. Psychic connections. You’re very lucky to be unluckily lucky. I can’t believe this happened again. I can’t even call you either.

Bless you honey.

P.S. Sue that drunk for his last dime!

Marshall said...

Jason, I am relieved that you are physically okay. Carlos and I tried to call you earlier tonight; Carlos left a message. Call us if you need anything.

sam said...

Christ. Ugh. I'm so glad you're mostly okay. I can't even.

hayward said...

Oh Lord! Jason! That must have been frightening. I'm so glad you weren't hurt too badly.

BrooksNYC said...

I say you're lucky!

Still, Jason, how terrible. As a non-driver, I'm not very knowledgeable about this stuff, but will you have to appear in court? Will your insurance cover the cost of a new car?

You must be totally undone. Take good care of yourself, and I'm so sorry this happened.

ricola said...

Quite glad to know you are well despite all that happened.
Mind your neck and save your receipts for insurance. So sorry this happened to you.

TJB said...

Oh my lord!!!! Sweetie, if you're still here to blog about it, you're lucky. And yes, sue that drunk arse for everything he's got. It's probably just a meth lab and a bus pass, but still.

Seriously, Jason, I'm just thankful that you're here and alive and well and sore.

Lucia said...

I'm relieved your okay! I hope you were checked out and get some physio for your neck.

Margaret said...

I am so sorry to hear this, and know what it's like to deal with the ugly aftermath. I'd say it might be a good idea to at least call an attorney and consult.

Yesterday I brought a couple of boxes of household things to the local thrift shop that supports MADD...

Heal and rest. XOXOd

David Toms said...

Jason, Oh my god! The good thing is that you are ok, except for the stress of it all. Thinking of you and sending curses to the idiot

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Sorry you have to cope with the aftermath of someone else's idiocy and lack of responsibility. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Bean in BR said...

Oh Jason! I am so sorry but so glad you are ok!

Michael Guy said...

Good CHRIST almighty! I AM SO relieved you are okay!!! And, really, what is up with the auto accidents?!?

Oh my..LORD. Unbelievable... I add my thoughts along with everyone else here for your well-being.

Knocked your Blahniks clean off, huh?

Jill said...

Oh Jason! I wish I were in N.O. to feed you and lubricate you with booze. It will help the neck. I guess that's an incredibly un-PC thing to say, considering the circumstances.

I'm so sorry you had to experience this, but so glad your ok, overall.

Mr. Bluehaunt said... are very lucky...sending positive thoughts your way...
(it is stories like this that feed my driving phobia.)
Have a cocktail and thank whatever powers that be!

govtdrone said...

Jason! WTF?? If there was ever a time to call Morris, really. Sue! Sue! Sue!
I am glad you are ok, well besides your neck, you need to go see a doctor and have his insurance pay for it.
Um, remind me not to ride in a car with you. (Too soon?)

Topher said...

Good to hear you're okay. You're the latter, that this happened and you got just minor cuts, whewww.. This has got to be scary right when it happened....

Ur-spo said...

heavens !
I too join the conga line of wishing you well and glad you are safe.

Kim Hambric said...

Just terrible! Wishing you a speedy recovery mentally and physically.

Anonymous said...

Go get an MRI of your neck.

So very sorry you had to go through this.

normadesmond said...

shit, how awful! quite glad you're okay, but with your track record, maybe you should consider getting a hummer.

WV: SCYCO....the license plate of the dude that hit you?

Miss Janey said...

Miss J is very thankful you're alive, too, Jason. Miss J MUST agree with the Pirate. Get a lawyer, honey!

Anonymous said...

If the guy who hit you is uninsured and has no assets, all the lawyers in the world won't be able to help, and will only cost you money.

(Also, carry a hammer in your car, in case you ever have to smash a window to get out.)

savannah said...

sweet mary sunshine, sugar! i hope your recovery is smooth and you don't have too much more to deal with! xoxoxoxo

mrpeenee said...

Darling, I just take a couple of days off from reading blogs and look what happens. Oh dear. I just hope your neck is better by now,

FelixInHollywood said...

Oh Christ honey, I like Peenee have been away from blog family for a little bit and just now finding this out. I'm terribly sorry. I'm so glad your still together, and hope that the drunk man gets it together. Damn it.

Dean Grey said...


I'm so behind here and am just learning about this now.

What a nerve-wracking thing to go through!

Yes, your car is done for but you are alive!

Thank God for that!

It's a miracle you and your friend survived with little injury.

You're very, very lucky....even if you don't realize it!

Gentle (((HUGS)))