Aug 28, 2010

take a kayak!

Look, frankly I kind of still can't bear to think about the nightmare
that was Katrina.
I've assiduously avoided as best I could all reference to it this past week.
It ain't been easy.

But this (below) was the one thing that made me laugh out loud during those horrible, horrible, horrible days.
Let's remember the good times:


Dave said...

See, this moment right here is why Celine Dion, nutty as she is, awful as her music may be, will always get a pass from me. I love this. LOVE IT.

Margaret said...

"Big guns! What's that?"

She should visit this blog and find out.

Jason, thank you for writing & sharing and being who you are today. XOXO

govtdrone said...

I have also been trying to not watch anything Katrina related but Celine was funny. I love the "helecopsters" part and "maybe they have never touched that before"

ricola said...

horrible times indeed.

lets move forward people.

that said, Je ne vous oublie pas
is one of my favourite songs ever.

Elizabeth said...

Celine Dionne in a (two-person?) kayak rescuing Katrina victims! Great image! I'm imagining her saying 'Get in! Maybe you have never touched a kayak before... well touch it and get in!'

Breezy said...

Two things I love about Celine's clip:

1.) Her unique way of wiping her tears away so it doesn't smudge her mascara.

2.) How badly she wants the people to touch the jeans because they've never done it before.

PS. She "opens" her television.

Anonymous said...

How sad that some people here find it funny to mock a person's accent when she is speaking from her heart about helping others.

govtdrone said...

Yes Anon, we are all mockers making mock at others. Mocking, mocking, mocking on my helecopster and kayak."Touch the jean covered kayak and get it! Rene and I will bring you jeans and a tv!"

Anonymous said...


jason said...

Oh, I'm so glad you re-found this, Joseph. It's the only good thing that came out of Katrina.