Aug 19, 2010

Summer Fever

Tomorrow night I will not be going (with Dennis et al.) to see Donna Summer in concert.
I'm really bummed about it, but it was just too expensive (as it should be).
The past two months without a pay check need to be atoned for.
In short, I'm broke.

I've always thought that Donna never really has gotten the respect she deserves.
Here are two songs of hers that one doesn't get to hear often enough

Tomorrow night, I plan to put on as much of her music as I can stand, and dance around my bedroom. It'll be just like I'm a kid again.

Ok, so maybe I'm beginning that tonight already.


ayeM8y said...

If you want me too I can put on my cousins hoop skirt and pantomime Bad Girls for you just like I used to do for her when we were ten.

P.S. I’m so broke also : (

jason said...

toot toot...ahh...

mrpeenee said...

I'm dancing with you, in spirit. But I'm better. Sorry.

David Toms said...

I will be with you in spirit also!

normadesmond said...

i really enjoyed this album once upon a time. if i recall correctly, one was able to buy stuff from an enclosed brochure. i purchased a life size cardboard cutout thing of donna as marilyn over the subway vent. it's long gone.