Aug 5, 2010

clash of the crushes

A movie starring Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore (as a lesbian who loves gay male porn).

Good god, am I in heaven????

So last night I took myself to see The Kids Are Alright and really liked it.
Apparently, I was wrong (Frontier P) and we here are maybe not a 10th tier city. Who knew?

It was a sweet movie.

Ok, so it's more than a little bit white, but it's still good.

Annette Bening still hasn't quite grown on me since that whole horrible American Beauty foolishness, but even she was actually pretty good in here.
In fact all the actors were pretty good, especially the teen daughter.

Anyway, I'm surprised I didn't self combust from the force of my conflicting crushes. There's a vortex of lust that easily could have sucked the whole theater up.
How hot are the two of them...and together!?

It's too much to bear.

But of course, I'll see it again.


Anonymous said...

I have seen the kinds of lesbians who love gay male porn. They do not look like Julianne Moore.

govtdrone said...

Watch Annette in "Bugsy." That is her at her best, in my opinion.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Let it be known: love gay male porn and am not a lesbian.
And the only thing whiter than this movie would be going to see it in Ithaca, NY with your ethnic friends, wearing some organic free-trade garment, and then eating at a vegan cafe afterwards to discuss NPR.
I would like to see this monie, though.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Agreed. I've had a long-standing Mark Ruffalo crush.

(Email I sent my sister: Watching Shutter Island (finally), minding my own business, and wham! a Mark Ruffalogasm!)

And of course Julianne Moore. Have you seen Annette Bening in Being Julia? I think she (and it) are great. But I thought she was the best part of American Beauty, so there's that.