Jan 3, 2010

dim suburbs

Today, Dennis and two of his friends and I took a trip to the Westbank for dim sum. Being a native, I acted as guide to the 'burbs.

Once there, Dennis acted as guide to the dim sum. Thank goodness, too.

I've only had dim sum a few times, once in Chinatown in NY and once in NO. The menu must be awfully standard because these illustrations from restaurants in Hong Kong itself are nearly identical to what we had.

Of course, I was one of only two non Asians there. The waitresses didn't speak English well...or at all. Thankfully, they could pronounce "tripe" well enough for me to avoid it.

I had a bit of the duck congee that I'd long read about but never had. I don't think I'll need to have it again, thank you. It's like duck oatmeal.

On every cart, no matter what else there might be, there was at least one new variation of chicken feet. We had the spicy.

Even the dessert cart had chicken feet. Chinese love their chicken feet, it seems. The only sweet we had however was almond jello. The most English literate of the serving girls informed us that "Dis traditional Chinese food, Ahmon Jerr-o. You try?"

It was ok, but not nearly as exciting as the exotic jell-o confections I've seen at better white trash funerals.

Lastly, Dennis gave us some small Christmas gifts, none other than a block of Bacon Praline fudge from the Cochon Butcher

It's very strong of bacon and sugar....not to my tastes really. I much prefer the candy coated bacon at some of the restaurants around here, but the place itself warrants further investigation, I think.


mrpeenee said...

A) You need to come out here and we'll have fabulous, fabulous Dim Sum, less than a block from my office. No chicken feets involved, plus I learned to avoid their jello years ago.

B) You need to back away from the pig. There is obviously too much pork candy going on there.

MJ said...

Are you paying, Peenee?

Kim Hambric said...

For the most part, it looks pretty tasty. Up here in central PA, if one ordered Chinese food, it might just come with french fries and cheese sauce on top.

Those chicken feet photos do NOT make me miss the food in China. They do love their chicken parts. I spent almost two weeks there -- saw cock's combs, chicken feet, gizzards, just very little chicken meat itself. And then there was the snake head. Tasted liked chicken. Makes the jerro look damn good.

Stephen said...

It is a year for trying new things!