Jan 10, 2010

west end girls 84

so good!


Anonymous said...

In your tumblr you posted a picture of my own private obsesssion: Tomasz Pastyrczak.

I think he is the most handsome aristocratic boy that ever existed...my very own private prince charming.

the cajun said...

I have three different releases of this song and love each one.

Now, 25 years later their latest release "YES" makes a very different take on Love.

"Did You See Me Coming?" is bouncy, positive, and great dance tune. If you haven't heard anything from YES, give this a listen.


jason said...

ah Fab, now I have a name to put to that ...um... face. It's like Death in Venice.

Welcome, "The Cajun". We need more cajuns around here.
I'm off to listen now...