Jan 29, 2010

night at the ballet

Tonight I spent a lovely evening watching sinewy, hairy men leap about in tutus.
Big deal, I know. I can hear you from here.
You can see that pretty much on a Wednesday night in the quarter, you say?

I know, but these guys dance...and they're sober.
The Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo performed here for the first time in like more than twenty years.

They were great...just the right mixture of slapstick mixed in with really beautifully done dance.
You expect the humor, but the ballet is just as wonderful too.

By the way, the sight of a tiny male dancer (Chinese in a blond polyester wig) dancing with a six foot two ballerina (o?) never gets old. Never.

Alas, I found myself distracted at intermission by the sight of a guy I'd once had a blind date with....an hour of my life spent listening to a three foot long mullet and a waxed moustache...an hour of my life that I will never get back.

More interesting in the audience was a perfect doppelganger of Yves St. Laurent as a twenty year old, complete with French accent.

Thankfully, unlike my night at the opera last year, no one had a chronic farting problem....well, at least in the audience.

Because I bought my ticket at the last moment, I had to sit alone, way up in the nosebleed seats. From there for at least 1/3 of the performance one would never have known all the dancers were male. That's how good they were.

"SVELTLANA LOFATKINA. Lyrical, lissome,long-legged Sveltlana, "The Chernobyl Cherub," has produced "frissons" in audiences on every continent but two with her ineffable delicacy and refinement.

This limber gamine has captivated hearts since her auspicious debut as Talyusha, the Left Nostril, in the ballet drawn from the The Nose by N. Gogol."

MINNIE VAN DRIVER. Always running from rehearsals, costume fittings and
performances, Miss Driver has a strong sense of movement. She has performed
world wide and has a natural aptitude for touring. Famous for her beautiful port
de bras, she gives credit to her many hours behind the wheel.


MJ said...

Actually, what you were seeing was the Infomaniac Dancers on loan to Les Ballets Trockadero.

Jill said...

I'm jealous!

FelixInHollywood said...

Saw them probably 30 years ago at the Kennedy Center. Their so brilliant.

Thanks so much for posting this because I discovered (through the link) that they're playing Pasadena next month and I'm gonna try and go!

Anonymous said...

I had the honour f meeting some of the members of the Trocadero Troupe when the were in Lisbon.

They are really witty and party goers and that's wonderful since normally classic ballet dancers are just career obsessed and boring...

Muscato said...

OMG the Trocks! I thought they'd broken up years ago. Once upon a time my social circle included a an aspiring composer and his Trock boyfriend - hands down the highest drama couple up with which we ever had to put...

Kim Hambric said...

Now THAT would convince me to get out to the theatre in the freezing cold up here in central PA. Unfortunately, our entertainment consists of Miley Cyrus, black hats singing, or washed up folk singers. Sigh . . .

Jennifer Brooks said...

I would have gone mister.

thombeau said...

They were just in Chicago. Love them!