Jul 1, 2009

Four things recently found on the ground:

Bottle of Upper 10, circa 1960(?)
Found: in a cache of other vintage bottles, exposed by low water on the banks of a small bayou outside of Baton Rouge.
Currently: on my windowsill, holding a sprig of stolen rosemary from the neighbors.

Decapitated angel.
Found: backyard, buried in the sand. Smelling strangely of vanilla.
Currently: impaled on a stake in the garden, as a warning to other rogue cherubs.

Pristine pair of Foster Grants.
Found: Target parking lot.
Currently: on my face.

"Crazy Penis" Cd, title scrawled in what seems to be lipstick.
Found: corner of Coliseum and 6th street.
Disappointingly, neither porn nor psychotic-woman-scorned created revenge. Actual band. Electronic-ish music.
Currently: in my car.


sam said...

scavengers are hot.

Ur-spo said...

dear me !
such findings!

mrpeenee said...

Soul sister! I found a pair of Ray Bans just like that once.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I like the sunglasses.

I was about to google this band "Crazy Penis." Then I thought better of it.

TJB said...

I hope you thoroughly disinfected everything, Jason. Especially the Crazy Penis.

I actually have a few of their songs on electronica compilations from the late 1990's...not bad.

Miss Janey said...

Crazy penis- its that thing bumping up against your leg.

ayem8y said...

I’m curious about Upper 10? Is that a Louisiana label or was it national? Is the bottle upwards of 10 inches? Umm 10 inches...

jason said...

It's actually national.
I did a bit of research on it. Seems it tasted (tastes?) like Sprite.
I saw a bottle similar, but in better condition being offered for sale online for a fair amount of money.

And why yes, I think it *is* around 10 inches. You just don't know how tired I get of saying that.

jason said...

Oh, and you're right....Crazy Penis is actually not bad.

(something else I tire of saying too often)

larry said...

i had upper 10 as a kid. very refreshing. crazy penis...what does that sound like???