Jul 2, 2009

Jersey wisdom

Apparently, Jersey has a direct pipeline to Marrero, because this is exactly how it was (ok, is) there. There's some Buddha-level insight going on here. For example:

"Women always have a strike up on men. We've always got our bodies (if you keep it in shape) and we've always got the check to cash."

Found by way of dlisted and Colleen and probably a million other sites too. I'm sure it'll spread like wildfire.


Silly Monkey said...

I didn't get the line about the check.

That's SO West Bank. We were just there yesterday.

If you fast forward to 3:03, I swear the girl on the right is David Duchovny. LOL. She looks just like his transvestite character from Twin Peaks.


Salty Miss Jill said...

I've been to Wildwood and it's truly one of the inner circles of hell.

jason said...

ah Jason....I'm guessing you're not a potential check casher are you?
She's pointing to her
her vagina.
cha ching.