Jul 15, 2009

"I like a woman that loves everything and everybody

because I love everything and everybody..."

One of the songs which made me into who I am.

(Thanks to Mistress MJ for making me remember this.)


MJ said...

More details on how this song influenced you, if you please.

We were thrilled to have the chance to listen to it again.

And to see those smooth moves.

jason said...

It was imprinted in my little brain long long ago.

My skills at running game with all you foxy ladies out there speaks for itself.

MJ said...

I've just come back to watch it again.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I listend to the whole thing twice before leaving a comment.
awwwwww, yeah. Velvet, baby.

David said...

Great music but watching them move around the stage makes me think none of them "love a woman" ...other than perhaps their mothers.

jason said...

Ah...I think you're right there, David.
And welcome!