Nov 10, 2008

the non-set up

A few weeks ago, I got this message in my long dormant mailbox.
Attached was the profile of a young Texan gal pretty enough to be one of those pornbots or Russian mail order brides who seem so hot for me.

So I was suspicious. Some kind of pyramid scheme? Online phishing? Online fisting?
I don't know. It had to be something sinister, right?

I am writing because I know someone who would make a great match
with you. ______ is a delightful professional man who lives in New Orleans,
and shares similar interests as you. __________ is funny, smart and
outgoing. If you would like to get in touch with him let me know.
My name is
_________ by the way.

Good luck in your search!

P.S .If you are
interested, let me know your email and I could forward _________'s
info/pictures, which is otherwise not possible through
Anyway, I did a bit of research, and she actually seemed to be on the up and up. has some sort of promotion going in which you can match up your friends, or some sort of nonsense.

Anyway, having no shame
nothing to lose, I wrote back, telling her how pretty she was and how flattered I was, and what a good friend she must be (hey, all sincere...but, it never hurts to grease the wheel.) And I sent her my info.

I never heard back (from her, from him...nada).

The other day I mentioned the story to some friends, hoping I could convince myself that she'd gotten the wrong impression from my flattery, and that's what had scared her off. They didn't buy it, and neither did I. Even I'm not that naive. I'm sure her friend took a pass once she'd bothered him with my profile.

Still, I think it was kind of nice of her (to me at least). After all, my prime experience with being fixed up by a female friend is the notorious case of the pedophile priest).


"Just David!" said...

Did the defrocked priest used to bartend at Sbisa's?

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

You have the best friends in the world. IF ONLY my friends would set me up with a defrocked priest!

Miss Janey said...

Hmmm. It's all very strange, Jason.

ilduce said...

Now if would just go all the way and set up a niche site specifically for dating defrocked would at the very least save your friends a lot of trouble and problably lead to quite a few more posts!

Colleen said...

OK, we need to prank her now. What's her email?

Elizabeth said...

Oh honey, I would so set you up with someone if I lived nearer! I'm forever scheming for my friends to find true love....

Elizabeth said...

(Or at least some true sex.)

jason said...

FP: Great! And, lucky you, I do think he's up in the Chicago area now. I'll get his contact info for you. Let me know how it goes. I'm so excited for you both!

David: who knows. There sure are a lot of them, aren't they?

Miss J: tell me about it

Ilduce: I think the system would be overloaded with activity, don't you?

Colleen: I think you're right on there. I've been thinking for 2 years of how to punk her. Too bad she does such a good job of doing it to herself over and over again.

And Elizabeth: God bless you.