Nov 24, 2008

"a great activity to do with the kids!"

In doing my homework for Miss Janey's Thanksgiving Meme, I found this photo and got completely distracted:

I got it from a bizarre Canadian Renuzit Craft site. It reads:

If you have a knack for crafts, then have we got some fun and creative ideas for you! All projects feature Renuzit® LongLast® Adjustable air fresheners and a variety of inexpensive, readily-available craft supplies. Create fanciful projects for school parties and holiday and seasonal decor - a great activity to do with the kids!

What kind of fucked-up idea is this? I mean really.
Is this some sort of Canadian idea of "fun"?


joe*to*hell said...

they are weird up there. shirley, for example.

curious about thanskgiving meme. bring it

Michael said...

How festive your apartment complex might be if your across-the-hall neighbor gets crafty. If she finds out about this website, she might just go "WILD".

Colleen said...

That's like the new version of those crazy doll dresses old ladies used to crochet which were cozies for backup toilet-paper rolls.