Nov 24, 2008


So, I've been tagged by the lovely and talented Miss Janey to participate in her Thanksgiving Meme. She and others have posted such wonderful posts about their husbands and friends and devoted pets...such heartwarming testimonies to the power of love.

Yeah, well.

I'm having none of that crap.

No, this is all about the material objects, baby.
That's what I'm thankful for.
Here are three:

1. My car

My new, much more efficent, much cheaper, much less domestic, much smaller Nissan Versa, thanks to my near fatal accident on Good Friday this year.

2.Pot (oh, yeah, and this one too)

This is arguably my favorite object in the world. It's a pot that my mother gave to me when I moved out, a wedding gift from her own mother. It's the pot I learned to first boil water in back when I was just a lad. Look at that color! I love it so, and it's heavy enough to nail a nail in the wall, if need be.

3.My apartment

After what appears to be a month long stay at "the home" and possibly a lobotomy my neighor has finally stopped howling...for now (fingers crossed, crucifix lifted).


mrpeenee said...

I think it would be terribly sweet if you welcomed Crazy Neighbor Lady Bitch back with a little Thanksgiving tableau in the hall featuring a Renuzit craft project. Maybe a Pilgrim stuffing a Renuzit up a turkey butt. Or vice versa, cause, you know, Pilgrims are all big bottoms.

jason said...

I have my safety scissors out now, Peenee.
Thank you.

ilduce said...

You've got me sold. Add that pot to the list of things I pine for.

Not so much for the Renuzit cover.

Colleen said...

I <3 that pot! And the one in the picture.

TJB said...

Oooh, that shade of blue is absolutely divine! It *almost* makes me want to cook.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I have pot lust now. That looks like the type that high end stores will try to replicate but won't manage to get just right.