Nov 8, 2008


Last night, listening to Jodie Watley over long island ice teas at
The 700 Club:

"So how is __________ (mutual female friend, recent divorcee)? "

Friend (rolling his eyes):
"Puh lease. She's in my bed right now, sleeping off whatever she did last night.

"How come?"

"She and ___________ (other female friend, quadriplegic) went out last night."


Friend (more sighing in disgust):
"Yes, indeed. I don't know. They hooked up with some guys up in the quarters.
___________(divorcee) got with some construction worker, said he had a trust fund.

__________got with his friend,said he didn't have a trust fund.
Sometime around one __________(divorcee) said she just had to get up out of there.

Trust fund's dick was too small, and ____________(quadriplegic) was moaning too loud down stairs for her to sleep."


"Yeah, I know. So what you wanna do now?"

Me (shaking my head):
"Um. Let's go home.
I need to just go to bed."

"Yeah, I feel yah."


"Just David!" said...

I miss those kinds of conversations that only happen in NO! Ha!

ayem8y said...

I love this post! The conversations are universal but the names have been thoughtfully protected as if they need be cause we all have these friends in our lives.____________.

TJB said...

Well, if a conversation like that must take place, I think Jody Watley is the perfect soundtrack. I hope it was "Looking for a New Love"!

Anonymous said...

Tappin a quad.....there is something you don't hear about everyday.

ilduce said...

Just to be clear, A quad is getting some and I ain't........That's soemthing I so did NOT need to know at this low ebb.

jason said...

my point exactly, ilduce.
my point exactly.

ilduce said...

Then we have each other's sympathies....