Nov 29, 2008

what you won't do for love

A quiet storm classic.

(a previously unseen...and really cheesy...proto-video for one of my favorite childhood songs)


larry said...

a childhood song??? jason, you're making me feel old!!! i love the song. bobby caldwell is great.

Colleen said...

I could listen to AM Gold like this all day! Bobby Caldwell didn't really look like a pop singer... looks like he should be in an indie band now.

Elizabeth said...

1. I always assumed he was black!
2. I had completely forgotten what low production values music videos used to have. It's so quaint and cute.

Scooter said...

I saw Bobby in concert. He opened for the last great Phyllis Hyman. He was awesome!

jason said...

ah...poor Phyllis.
God bless her.