Nov 5, 2008

Red state blues

My state voted overwhelmingly for McCain/Palin.
No surprise there.
I still see W bumper stickers on pickup trucks.

Last night, we re-elected Dollar Bill Jefferson as Representative, despite that pesky 90,000 dollars of FBI money in his freezer.
Our fine Republican senator is world famous john, David Vitter, a strident opponent of gay marriage, upholder of family values and devotee of diaper play with tax-payer funded hookers.
I won't even mention our joke of a mayor, or our gay hating young Republican governor (already being touted as a presidential candidate in 2012.)

I can't help but wonder what it must be like to live in a state like California in which, despite the passing of prop 8, there is actually the possibility of gay marriage.

Here we've just begun the controversial segue from a state that considers cockfighting to be a "local custom" to something maybe "illegal."

Cockfighting is about as close to gay marriage as we're likely to get here, I'm afraid.

But, despite my embarrassment for my state (again), I'm absolutely (naively?) ecstatic for what happened last night!

(My only fear is that Oprah's ego will now implode, and that we will be sucked into her irresistible vortex of Oprahdom.

But, even so, it's still worth the risk.)


thombeau said...

Surprisingly---or not---all the states that were victims of the Katrina disaster and it's aftermath still went Republican. Sadly, the red states on the map serve to show where ignorance and fear are most in control.

Myself, I am THRILLED beyond belief about the presidential outcome, and happy to hail from Chicago as well! (Well, OK I'm in Portland now, but that's a move from one blue state to another!)

jason said...

Yep. you're sadly right, Thom.
Ignorance is alive and well around here.
But so is hope.

sam said...

i'm feelin' you. but obama got 44% of the texas vote. that's nearly half. and 40% for LA is a lot, too. like most states, ours are purple. not red.

sam said...

what's also ignorant is when a state goes 40-49 percent for a progressive candidate and people in 'the blue states' write us off.

Scooter said...

We'll loan you a little Washington State blue. We have a little to spare.

ayem8y said...

Okay my county voted red as usual but the state went blue! Hooray for Florida but they passed the marriage amendment. We already passed a ban on gay marriage they just wanted to be extra hateful and write it into the constitution. I’m fine really it’s not like I have any dates lately or the remote possibility of a marriage proposal anyway. They pulled the old Anita Bryant with the “Save Our Children” routine. Uh huh she lives in a trailer somewhere now. We have the W stickers on trucks too. They usually belong to carpenters that shark about the neighborhoods after hurricanes looking for construction jobs. Once they finish their shoddy work they migrate to next ravaged area…like locusts.

jason said...

ah...I'd love to think of dear old Anita in her trailer..."sharking about the neighborhoods after hurricanes looking for a construction job."
Somehow I think that's what she might be up to, wearing a tiara all the while.

rcs said...

Last night, we re-elected Dollar Bill Jefferson as Representative, despite that pesky 90,000 dollars of FBI money in his freezer.

That was the runoff for the Democratic primary. The actual election is on December 6th.

Silly Monkey said...

On the next Oprah, you'll hear, " you all know, I once ran for president..."

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in FLa where a gay person cannot adopt, marry and sodomy laws are still in the books.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

As excited as I am about Obama's winning, you've made me even more excited at idea (hope) of someday existing entirely Oprahdom.

As long as I get to live in her building.

Jim said...

I am all for being sucked into the world of "Oprahdom" as long as I dont' get sucked into Oprah's Va-Jay-Jay.

"Just David!" said...

My late friend Jean LaPlace used to be Dollar Bill's right hand man. How did he get out of the money in the freezer bit? I didn't keep up. And, I don't think we'll ever have equal rights in our lifetime. Sad but it's what I think.

Colleen said...

Meeee too. Ecstatic. And thanks for reminding me that I have to blog about this "Official Louisiana Voter Guide" I found in NOLA. It's all about how the gays want special privileges and who you should vote for if you disagree with that.