Sep 24, 2008


So I've noticed around the web, that my dear beloved Cloris is appearing on some god-awful "dancing" show. It pains me to even write that sentence, but I refuse to sully my image of her by watching it. No.

The only good thing is that it keeps her legend out there.
Recently, during the days-of-no-electricity, I was loaned a small battery operated dvd player. I had brought my boxed set of MTM's first season.

I can't tell you how Phyllis's bitchiness soothed my (hot and) troubled soul.

My friend Geronimo once told me a long list of all the celebrities he'd met
(Madonna, etc. zzzz) I had half dozed off until he mentioned that he'd worked as Cloris's assistant for a night.
I had to ask to touch his hand.


thombeau said...

Viva La Leachman!

About, oh, 28 years ago or so, I saw her perform in the play "Twigs". She played three different characters, and of course was quite fabulous. Love her!!!

Silly Monkey said...

Oh, why didn't I think of a battery-operated DVD player during days-of-no-electricity? I guess because I didn't know they existed. ;) But now I know what to buy a week before Hurricane Zelda. What a great idea. It must really eat up batteries though. What else did you watch? Not that MTM wasn't enough.

ayem8y said...

I love Cloris too. She’s really one of the last broads and I love that she still works regularly. She turns up in, The Simpsons, Spanglish, and a cameo in Sky High. I don’t think she’s had a lot of work done so she actually looks like an older lady. She and Betty White and Maggie Smith are all still working because so few older actresses look like they are old.

jason said...

oh Silly silly monkey.
It's a dvd player like kids use on planes and in cars.
The battery is rechargable, like a laptop's.
What you do need is a battery operated fan.

TJB said...

I even loved her when she caused "The Facts of Life" to jump the shark. Cloris can do no wrong...except, perhaps, appearing on a celebrity dancing competition show.

jason said...

thom: jealous!
ayem8y:I think you're right. And she looks pretty damn good for 80 something.
tjb: Facts of Life...ouch. I'd forgotten about that, still, I could never hate on my Cloris.