Sep 30, 2008

tales from the trenches, part 931

A little while back, I met a guy who'd answered an ad of mine. He was (is) a cute, very nice young lawyer. We had a splendid first date. He insisted on paying. He insisted on going out for drinks afterward (and paying). He seemed interested.
We had a second date. I paid. It was lovely. I asked for a third and got this:

Hi Jason,
How are you? I feel like I'm still playing a bit of catch-up here as well. The hurricane really set me back.

Not to create an awkward situation, but I've actually started seeing someone. We met several weeks ago.

You're a really nice, intelligent, handsome guy-- just thought you should hear it!

Have a great day,

A few thoughts ran through my mind:

1.Again? WTF?
2.Is this whole "met someone else" stuff just some kind of euphemism?
3.I need a nap.
4.How the hell do these guys meet someone so quickly and easily?
5."Have a nice day"?
6.Maybe I should make some money here.
Go on a single date with me and there's a 60/40 possibility of meeting the love of your life in less than a month. Guaranteed!
More effective and cheaper than e-harmony.
8.When is that whole "He's Just Not That Into You" movie coming out anyway?

9.Should I even attempt the first date I have tomorrow?


sam said...

men are pigs!!1!

and yes to #9.

Muscato said...

Gotta go with Sam on this one: horrendous as it is, you fall off the bicycle, you get back on.

I did it for nearly 20 years, and it never gets easier, but it all make fodder for future funny stories. Cold comfort, I suppose, but get out there and see what happens...

ilduce said...

Alas and alack,

I was beginning to think I was the only one this happened to! My last fabulous date turned morphed into an offer of a relationship consisting solely of text messages.

Yes to no. 9, if only to see how much it hurts...and it beats staying home alone forever and ever, world withjoput end.

Colleen said...

Yes! Attempt! If no one is writing the He's Just Not... movie yet, I volunteer! I already have it written in years of diaries!

Miss Janey said...

Miss J gives a big WTF to the behavior of that guy.

But Mr. Right could be just around the bend. Mr. Jason won't meet him if he doesn't go on dates.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he answered more than just your ad.

Silly Monkey said...

When are we going on a date, Jason? I like those 40/60 odds. ;)

I'm hoping you had better luck last night. Did you ever hear from the Bird Man?

Scooter said...

Go on this date with the new guy. You'll find the right one for you when it's time. You have to experience a few assholes before you can learn to appreciate the best. Good luck!!!

ayem8y said...

Dear Jason,

“I know we have only been on two dates but I would just like to send you an impersonal email attesting and declaring my CRAZY!”

At least he was thoughtful enough to respond with the proof. Not all crazy people have such nice manners.

Oh and yes you should go on your new date but first let me rip your heart out and stomp on it because after all you won’t need it will you? Yeah right…yeah…you should totally go out on that new date.

He could be the one. The one single gay man left in the world that’s not crazy. Sorry I don’t mean to make the exciting world of dating gay men seem to be filled with rejection but…

I think it’s best to start with a clean slate with no expectations about this new date except that he’s crazy. So when he turns out to be crazy, you won’t be so disappointed.


One of the Crazy Ones

TJB said...

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.

Let us know how the next first date goes. I got the "I just started seeing someone" excuse the day AFTER a first date, which makes me think that it's either every gay man's "I'm really not into you" euphemism, OR... homos just juggle so many internet dates, bar tricks and backroom hookups at any given time, that many do in fact have "Backup Plan B" always in the wings.

Elizabeth said...

Oh honey, I went on so many many many bad dates with so many assholes and nut jobs. Remember my post about the guy who told me Hitler was right? The only thing I know is that, in love, as in everything else, each wrong choice helped me clarify just a little bit more what the right choice would be, what was actually right for me.

Who Really Knows said...

well ain't you for to be all of those men on the west bank...ya know

have a great election weekend