Sep 17, 2008

Three things I'm wondering just now:

Why I still remember his name, and where is he now?

How did Joe's Daddy's hair get so hot.

Why it doesn't matter "that Sarah Palin's an idiot."


joe*to*hell said...

wait til you see mama!

Marshall said...

If you want them, I have 109 shirtless pictures of Scott Madsen.

Via my MaleStarsShirtless yahoo group, we tried to track him down to see what he was doing these days.

After much searching, including one phone call to a guy in Oklahoma named Scott Madsen, we gave up.

jason said...

thanks, Marshall...but I'm sure all 109 of them are branded in my mind already. I would, however, *love* to know what happened to him. It's all very "Eddie and the Cruisers-esque" I'm sure.

and joe, I'm hoping for some macrame.

Elizabeth said...

1.The soloflex guy is ... um... deeply memorable.

2. I dated Wayne in the 70s! His hair is mesmerizing and the rest of him ain't bad either. Uh oh. Does that mean I'm Joe-to-Hells Mama?

3. I am so annoyed at McPalin that I did this:

Elizabeth said...

Here (I hope) is a clickable link.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I like Mr. Madsen's costumes.

I don't understand the whole Palin thing at all. Is she really what our country wants? Being like some kind of sitcom mom isn't really a qualification.

Michael Guy said...

Wow. Big balls, big hair, big boob. You've covered all the bases.

Yeah, wonder what DID happen to Scott Madsen!? Like, you know, if he's someone's BEAR power top nowadays. Just wondering...

BR Bean said...

I simply CANNOT STAND HER! I thought I was going to heave my TV out of the window while watching the Gibson interview. Instead I just puked and then cried thinking this may be our future. I would rather see Bare Chest and Big Hair in the oval office. (But then again, I'd like to see Bare Chest anywhere)