Sep 24, 2007


As per request of sillymonkey, here's an update. I've just gotten my car back from the shop...for a while. It's now working, and they they did a great job repairing it...or so it seems. It looks almost like it did before.
It's supposed to go in again to have the bumper replaced, but that has to wait for a while.

The guy who hit us was caught. He was in jail (the last I heard).

He had borrowed the car (or stolen) not sure, from a friend. It's the friend's insurance with whom I have to deal. We may have to go to court, because he might not have had enough insurance to pay for all three of our cars' damages.
It's been a real hassle.

On the upside, I enjoyed using the cd player in the rental to listen to music for the first time in two years!
I drove to work today listening to a disco compilation of music played at the Loft and Paradise Garage that Michael had made for NYC...and back home listening to St. Etienne...very soothing in the rain.


thombeau said...

Glad you got your wheels back!

(BTW, I love St. Etienne! Saw them a few years ago, Sarah's a doll!)

ayem8y said...

Glad to know that you got your wheels back. Sadly when I lived in MS my car had no radio either, thieves just kept breaking the windows and stealing the stereo, so I just left a big hole in the dash as a way of saying no valuables in here.

Miss Janey said...


Glad to hear your vehical has been returned...

Silly Monkey said...

Great news. Well, about the car being fixed, not about the possibility of going to court. That sucks. :P

So I guess you had to pay for it out of pocket for now?

Did the engine get ruined?

jason said...

The engine wasn't ruined.

Actually, his car was totalled, my American built battleship was not nearly as badly hurt. It was primarily cosmetic damage.
But it sucks all around anyway.

mrpeenee said...

So were you bobbing your head in time with the tunes? That's very important. It allows the people in the car behind you to know how groovy you are.