Sep 15, 2007


I just learned that this is what's happening not too far from my home...up near the cemeteries.
I'd noticed the activity around there a while back and wondered what was up.

Someone, it seems, has bought one of the old funeral parlors and is making it into some sort of attraction. It's not my bag by a long shot, but it's a good sign, I suppose...revitilizing the area a bit.
Hordes of overfed Goths from all over the Midwest might spur a revival of sorts. Who knows.

In the commercial you can see the old Jewish cemetery where I (Carlos, Marshall and Vincent and his friends) spent a foggy new years night a few years ago.

(and by the way, that's "foggy," smartasses)


Silly Monkey said...

So I take it you aren't interested in going? I want to go!

I wonder what the'll do with it after Halloween?

jason said...

Umm...If I want to hear the unearthly screams of the undead, I can walk into my apartment building, thank you.

And I don't know what will happen post halloween...I'd heard it might remain as a tourist attraction, year round, not sure.

Silly Monkey said...

So if I send out an email saying I'm going and asking if anyone else wants to go, you're going to say no? ;)

thombeau said...

By the way, the official term for an overfed goth from the midwest is a gothapotamus. The plural, of course, is gothapotami. I know this because for many years I DJ'd a popular goth night in Chicago, where I saw many sights that no one should ever see.

jason said...

Thank you very much Thom!
I'm always eager to increase my vocabulary. "Gothapotomi" will henceforth become a part of my daily language.

And Jason, I don't know. I think
I'm round about 85.93 percent sure of saying "no" to it.