Sep 16, 2007

health and fitness

How do I spend my day off after working in the seventh circle of hell all week?

A four hour march through the streets of New Orleans...beginning at 9 am...on a Sunday.

Actually it was pretty nice.
It was the annual No Aids Walk. This year it was back uptown, along Magazine St. and Audubon Park, and the weather was really long as you avoided the sun.
And for just two drink tickets one could buy a Bloody Mary or a screwdriver to accompany you down the walk.

I walked with Dennis and his friend Jeffrey and met up with my friend Geronimo and his roommate, Michael.

While chatting with Geronimo, a photographer accosts us and asks to take our picture, because Geronimo is wearing a rainbow beanie...with a propeller.

Our photo, so we were told, will be featured in "Health and Fitness" Magazine (no smartassed comments thank you)...which, although it sounds pretty impressive, I think is one of those free circulars found at supermarkets.

I'll be the one not wearing the propeller beanie.

Out there I saw a least five people I know, only two of whom I avoided, not a bad average. Among the five were Myke and Tina. I chatted briefly with them. Myke mentioned his fear of running into past dates, which I think was the chief motivation for everyone there to keep moving. There's no better motivation than trying to avoid someone you've dated. Bataan death march? pshaw...bring it on.


mrpeenee said...

A stroll up Magazine with drinks and friends, it sounds delightful. Old tricks, oh well. I think your idea about moving along is very sensible. Despite what some people think, I DID NOT leave town to avoid my legion of former "dates," it just worked out that way. The last few times I've been back there, I always run into some of them and they flail around trying to think of a nice way to say "I thought you were dead."

ayem8y said...

"No Aids Walk" is a curious title for a four hour walk-a-thon, it kind of suggests;

A. No walking

B. No one with Aids should be walking

I'm just sayin'...

Good for you that you participated, but you never said if you dashed across the finish line or if you got waylaid by a former date at some tavern with a Bloody Mary drink ticket.

no milk said...

generally, i avoid all pictures that could be published in a free magazine. i have to have pic approval for that, so that they properly airbrush me... :P

jason said...

That's exactly what I've thought too, is a strange name when you think about it.

And yes, not only did we pass the finish line, but we went on walking another mile still to our cars (we decided not to drive there....stupid).

Michael Guy said...

Oh, sweetie! Roving street photography just won't do! Daylight is highly over-rated, wouldn't you agree? All overhead, like...bad for shadows under the eyes.

:: would live like Lestat here ::

PS: great cause/good walk! And drinks, too.