Jul 11, 2007


The other night, wandering the jungles of Planet Fabulon, I happened upon a post about Mamie Van Doren, the 50's "blonde bombshell."

I clicked onto Mamie's own webpage and found myself in a confusing and fascinating world of random political musings, quotes about Christina Aguilera, Gerald Ford, Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes, Leni Riefenstahl...and Lou Rawls.

Oh, and then there's the photo of Mamie in the nude.
The photo of her in the nude today....
at 75.

Say what you want, but she's pretty amazing.

Seventy-freaking-five, people.

Mamie then:

Mamie now:

Of course, if you're of a more prurient mind (like me), you can jump forward to her musings penis size and
her numerous conquests

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