Jul 10, 2007

Do we need any more political embarrassment down here?

I mean really.

I wonder what he meant by all that "protecting" the "sanctity of marriage" stuff?
Is that some kind of euphemism for being spread-eagled and greased up on a DC hooker's bed?


nolageek said...

Uhg. It's all so much bullshit. They *have* to pull the "I prayed to the LAWD for forgiveness" bit whenever they get busted. It's so sad that they have to pander to that crowd rather than just be honest and say "oops, sorry - I was horny"

To think I thought Vitter was cute at one point.

Silly Monkey said...

"Children, he has said, are better off living in a family with a mother and father."

Even if they hate each other and only got married because abortion was illegal, so they had to have a child that they didn't want and now they take it out of the child? Yup, much better than two loving parents of the same sex. ;P