Jul 6, 2007

I bought a brand new bath mat

This is the excitement in my life.
It's from Target, from the Thomas O'Brien collection. It's the best I could do to satisfy my ridiculous crush on this man.

Of course, I've never heard him speak or seen him move, which is ideal for a crush, isn't it?
I've only ever seen still photos.
(Actually, I may have heard him say ten or so words once, but a crush is not about reality, it's about imagination, right?)

As I've admitted before, I sometimes embarrassingly find myself drawn like a lemming to his photo, loitering around Target's linen department, daydreaming.
It's all too pathetic.

I like to imagine him living in a comfortable modern aerie, somewhere in the East Village, on a very leafy street, in a prewar building. His decor is midcentury modern of course, but nothing too doctrinaire. It's all very masculine, but not too much. He has a lot of blonde wood and a large dog, a golden retriever perhaps (in the East Village? you're asking yourself...I know....but come on, indulge me here).
He's got a lovely life, but he's a bit lonely if he's honest with himself.

This is, of course, where I come in....

But I digress.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, walking the streets of NYC with Michael, imagine my delight when we happened upon his Aero Studio at 419 Broome St. It was pure happenstance, I swear.

(I mean it's not like I wouldn't have stalked him, but I just hadn't had the energy yet to do so.) It was pure luck.

Of course, Michael had no idea why I was so exicted, but after I told him he insisted we go in. No, Mr. O'Brien was, unfortunately, not there, just a slightly prissy bald clerk who seemed mildly irritated that we had wandered in.

You just know these types can practically smell whether or not you're going to buy something.

I did notice, however, in a glass case the exact same soapstone sculpture I had seen on the discount shelf at TJ Maxx not but 3 days earlier.
Of course, I had to remark on this coincidence. Somehow I don't think the sales clerk was impressed.

I was.
That's all that matters...that and my new bathmat.


Lisa said...

Oh Jason, you are such a breath of fresh air. lol. I loved this post. BTW, I think he's gorgeous. In 1984 was in love with Mikhail Baryshnikov and wrote him a fan letter *with* a picture enclosed. OMG. Thank you (((((((((((Jason))))))))))) for the post to my weblog. I forget what a comfort you are to me. I have only visited this site once but will be sure to do so more. I love your writing. love,

Silly Monkey said...

Didn't you catch him on Oprah last year? You Tube him. I'll bet you can find a clip. He was a really bitchy queen from the Bronx with a Yorkie in a little tiara. No, really. ;o

I like him. Well, his stuff anyway. I have some of his sheets and towels. And a clock. And curtains. Oh, and a vase. And dish clothes. Okay, okay, I LOVE him!

I don't like any of his new sheets though.

I'd love to have seen his store. His website sucks. But that's not his fault.

I love that you mentioned the statue being at TJ Maxx. Mr. Prissy was thinking to himself, I was so right about these two when they walked in. ;o

Breezy said...

You won't find Mother Theresa's/Oprah's videos on YouTube. More than likely because her people/lawyers have them pulled. I bet.