Jul 24, 2007

Pony tale

So today is my birthday, and frankly,
it's been kind of sad.

But I found this old photograph the other day of me on one of the ponies my grandfather used to sell.
It's a nice memory.


Silly Monkey said...

Why's it been so sad, Jason? :(

I don't see "you" in that photo the way I could in the one of you with the beer can.

thombeau said...

Birthday Blessings to you, brother Jason! May your new year exceed your most fabulous expectations!



Miss Janey said...

Giddy up, Jason. Happy day and year to ya, cowboy.

jason said...

thanks, y'all!:)

nolageek said...

I know what you mean Jason. I was all side tracked by the Film Festival this year on my birthday, then after it all died down... I realized it was quite a bummer. Not that I'm trying to be all Oprah and make the post all-about-me, but I guess it's good to find similarities so that we don't think we're the only ones that suck.

Silly Monkey said...

Exactly, Vincent. I know that Carlos yells "Oprah" when people talk about themselves. But it's like you said, it shows people that you have things in common, similar experiences, that you know what they are going through and how they feel, and it can help to form bonds. :)