Jul 11, 2007

Isn't it laconic?

A few days ago, a guy responded to my ad with this email:

Cool profile.
I love Nick Drake too.

Okay, I thought...it's nice to hear a young gay man with musical interests other than just Xtina, etc. I read his profile. He mentions liking Virgina Woolf, Walt Whitman and David Sedaris. I write back with (moderate) enthusiasm (too much?):

How's it going up there?
Nick Drake? Cool. What's not to love?! He was incredible. What's your favorite song of his, if you have one?
I love Whitman and Woolf too...and Sedaris of course.
all the best,

He responds:
i guess pink moon....what's your favorite Woolf nove? (sic)


I write:


how's it going up there?

Well, I'd hate to be too predictable, but Mrs. Dalloway is my favorite, though To the Lighthouse and Orlando are both good too.
And you?
all the best,

He writes back:

jacob's room

And that's it. Two words.
Now, I don't quite know how to respond to this. Do I strain my brain for annoying questions about Jacob's Room? Do I let it go and ignore his response?

Why would one initiate a conversation if one had no intention of participating in it? To quote Miss Fantasia Barrino, "If you don't want me, then don't talk to me."

But this is not atypical. Oh no. I've been down this well worn road many times before.

After a while I feel like I'm pestering someone with questions (all sincere by the way, I really *am* interested in how he's doing and what he likes, I swear), only to get monosylabic answers.
What's up with these people?


Silly Monkey said...

Where can you go after that last email? If he's this talkative in email, imagine how he'd be in person?

Miss Janey said...

Lordy! I have to agree w/ silly monkey. Nothing worse than trying to drag responses out of people... The world is full of folks who'll be willingly forthcoming. Keep lookin' and good luck.

thombeau said...

Remember: Be the flame, not the moth.

jason said...

Perfectly put, Thombeau!


no milk said...

i think it's time to give up. :)