Jul 1, 2007

You couldn't make this up if you wanted to:

Man attacks unlucky peacock at Burger King

N.Y. resident insisted bird was a vampire; animal had to be euthanized

Updated: 2 hours, 17 minutes ago
NEW YORK - A peacock that roamed into a fast-food restaurant parking lot was attacked by man who vilified the bird as a vampire, animal-control authorities said.

Beaten so fiercely that most of his tail feathers fell out, the bird was euthanized, said Richard Gentles, a spokesman for the city’s Center for Animal Care and Control.

“It’s just unbelievable that someone would do something to a poor, defenseless animal and do it in such a cruel fashion,” he said.

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(And how ironic is it that MSNBC runs with this as a lead item? Or am I the only one old enough to see the irony in that?)

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thombeau said...

That is one fucked-up story, and yes it is completely ironic that NBC featured it!

(Which somehow reminds me of the talking NBC Peacock on Conan O'Brien...)